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Panzerschiffe Naval Gaming Systems

TG-3 Tactical Naval Battle System

TG-3 Tactical Naval Battle System features:
  • Complete system of rules for tactical naval combat
  • Can be used for miniatures of any scale even though it was originally designed for use with 1:2400 scale ships
  • Covers the period 1890 to 1945
  • Rulebook includes data for 563 classes of ships from 19 countries - Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chili, China, Dutch, France, Germany, England, Greece, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the United States
  • Improved version of our highly acclaimed TG-2
  • Uses new randomization and torpedo methods which will make it a classic in tactical games
  • Maintains the features of realism and speed of play of our earlier game
  • Can be played solitaire or with a number of players
  • Designed as a fast-playing but historically accurate set of naval rules for surface engagements (no submarine or air combat rules)
  • Comes with everything needed for play, except the miniatures.
  • Scale: each figure represents a single ship. The ground scale is 4 inches = 1 mile. Time is broken down into Sequences representing 3 minutes 45 seconds of actual battle time.
  • Packet includes:
    • rulebook
    • 4 doube-sided record sheets
    • turning templates and torpedo markers (must be cut out)
    • protractor
    • 2 decks of playing cards
    • tape measure
  • Companion CD includes:
    • TG3 Players Aid calculation tool requiring manual entry of ship data
    • Ship Database calculation tool automatically provides ship data requiring entry of game-play variables only
    • Provides consistently accurate calculation results
    • Speeds up game-play
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Designed by David J. Dougherty
© 1983. Published by Panzerschiffe


TG-3 Tactical Naval Battle System
with Companion CD)
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SG-3 Strategic Naval Battle System

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SG-3 Strategic Naval Battle System features:
SG-3 is the strategic companion to Panzerschiffe's tactical game. This game contains the general rules for setup and play of seven naval map games for the World War II period. Also included are rules for submarine and aircraft actions.

The map games will develop varied and interesting battle situations which have strategic importance in the game. This provides the naval gamer with the most interesting naval combat possible - tactical battles with a strategic importance that is not completely known by the opponent.
  • Strategic level game containing seven World War II scenarios
  • Fleet contacts are meant to be fought using miniatures and tactical rules such as our TG3, but a simple method, such as War at Sea, can be used
  • Contains rules for converting map contacts to tactical battles, and also submarine and aircraft rules
  • Scenarios are based on actual situations and include Bismarck, Arctic Convoy, Atlantic Raiders, Java Sea, Tokyo Express, Mediterranean, and Midway
  • Play is done using hidden maps and requires a third person to act as judge for the most realistic play
  • Tactical battles are intended to be fought using Panzerschiffe's tactical game (TG-3). However, any realistic tactical battle system could be used.